Sales cures all. Generate B2B leads for your sales pipeline

Break free from time-consuming sales tasks. Share your ideal customer profile and we take care of everything from prospecting to lead generation so you can focus on what matters. Selling.


Focus on your business offering. Not on sales.

You can focus on offering your clients your best service and not on collecting data and sales efforts. We take care of list building and multi channel outreach for you and offering a steady stream of leads for your business.


Get a tailor-made, highly-targeted, ready-to-use mailing list based on your ideal customer profile. Risk free.

Here’s what we offer:
  • ICP mapping
  • Persona based prospecting
  • Enriched data points
  • Multi platform research
  • Manually supervised list
  • Costs as little as 25 cents for an email


DataClap BPM can work with you in a flexible and responsive manner at every level of the lead generation process, whether you need help locating acceptable contacts, already have contacts but are unsure of their quality, or require competent lead creation services.

We can integrate our operations with those of your sales force, resulting in a smooth, consistent service that is both very satisfying for your clients and profitable for you. Our lead generation process includes
  • Custom made data
  • Expert vetting
  • Contact generation
  • Quality checked


LinkedIn lead generation is a process of securing leads for your business from the LinkedIn platform that will result in a boosted sales pipeline.

We completely manage your LinkedIn lead generation process like:
  • Network expansion
  • Profile optimisation
  • Connecting with target prospects
  • Send pre-approved follow up messages to accepted prospects
  • Responding to replies
  • Booking meetings

    Ensure that your sales email campaigns are delivered on time and on budget. Here Is How It Works:
    • Know your campaign's objectives and who you're going after.
    • Collect and organise data according to your Ideal Customer Profile
    • Warm up your email
    • Engage with prospects on multiple channels
    • As needed, ongoing email campaign management and optimization
    • Respond to replies aptly


    DataClap's B2B appointment scheduling services will coordinate your sales team's initial connection with decision-makers.

    Our team of agents will not just prepare prospects for conversion but interact with them and educate leads about your product, pricing, and usability and prepare them for conversion.

    Our Advantages

    Get your business off the ground. DataClap BPM is your one-stop shop for all your outsourcing needs By taking care of all the repetitive and mundane tasks, we help you free up your employees’ time so they can be more productive.

    Tailored Solutions

    One size doesn’t fit all and every business has its own unique problems. We understand this and how complex and unique your needs are, we can support you with our End to End tailored solutions.

    Cost Efficient

    We have transparent and flexible pricing models that’ll be much more economical than contract workers and haing inhouse employees.

    Unparalleled Service

    The success of our entire business model depends on the quality of services we provide. Fast turnaround times, high quality work and 100% satisfaction are our priorities.

    For businesses of all sizes

    Irrespective of whether you’re a startup just getting started or an established player in the market, we offer our services to companies of all sizes and at every level of growth.

    No long term commitment

    We're fans of the freedom that comes with a no-strings-attached approach, and so we stand behind it 100%. You can even ask us to work on a 10-hour task and there's no long term commitment.

    Highly skilled talent

    Our agents are college educated and go through a training process before they start working on any project.

    Fill your sales funnel the right way

    Contact us to find out how we can help your business scale with our sales services.