AI operations as a service

AI Ops is required for a successful digital transformation. Forward-thinking executives augment IT data with context to improve operations, allowing automation and better business outcomes. Our fully managed data collection and annotation services provide you with high quality ground truth data.


High quality training data services

Training data is at the heart of your model, so it's essential that you get it right. If you haven't already, evaluate our services and discover how they can help to bolster your efforts in creating a better AI.


We have worked on more than a million images and tens of thousands of hours of video data providing annotations for some of the most advanced applications of computer vision.
DataClap BPM’s goal for consistent data handling will make your machine learning classifiers more accurate.

Types of annotation we provide:

  • Bounding Box
  • Key Points
  • Instance Segmentation
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Cuboids
  • Lines & Splines


Enormous video data is generated every second and it's upto companies to leverage this data and provide innovative solutions.
We provide high quality video annotation services that help companies extract information and insights from video data.

Types of video annotations:

  • Bounding Box
  • Key Points
  • Instance Segmentation
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Cuboids
  • Lines & Splines


NLP solutions like chatbots, automatic speech recognition and sentiment analysis programs are possible through text annotations.
These solutions can improve efficiency and productivity of businesses.

Types of text annotations:

  • Transcription
  • Text Comparison
  • Text Collocation
  • Text Classification
  • OCR
  • Data Extraction
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Translation


Speech recognition is available on a wide range of smartphones and other devices. Audio annotation activity, on the other hand, can help them understand audial meanings.
DataClap BPM handles raw data and additional sound effects. After that, these clips are used to label and categorise audio clips. They are given labels based on their qualities. Pronunciation, intonation, dialect, and volume are examples of these traits.

Types of text annotations:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Sound Classification
  • Speech to Text


Experts at DataClap BPM have been trained to annotate Lidar point cloud data and have decades of expertise processing thousands of data points.

Semantic annotation, 3D cuboid/box annotation, landmark annotation, polygon annotation, and polyline annotation are among the Lidar data labelling services offered by DataClap BPM to meet the needs of a client's project. After calibrating their quality and throughput needs, the DataClap BPM team delivers a full-service annotation platform and implements unique automation processes for clients.


DataClap BPM provides machine learning model validation services for all forms of AI-based machine learning models.
We have highly trained annotators and experienced machine learning engineers that validate the models and ensure that the forecasts are correct.
Our services are platform agnostic and can improve the results of your models with our Human In The Loop services.

Our advantages

Get your business off the ground. DataClap BPM is your one-stop shop for all your outsourcing needs By taking care of all the repetitive and mundane tasks, we help you free up your employees’ time so they can be more productive. Understand why our clients choose to work with us:

Tailored Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all and every business has its own unique problems. We understand this and how complex and unique your needs are, we can support you with our End to End tailored solutions.

Cost Efficient

We have transparent and flexible pricing models that’ll be much more economical than contract workers and haing inhouse employees.

Unparalleled Service

The success of our entire business model depends on the quality of services we provide. Fast turnaround times, high quality work and 100% satisfaction are our priorities.

For businesses of all sizes

Irrespective of whether you’re a startup just getting started or an established player in the market, we offer our services to companies of all sizes and at every level of growth.

No long term commitment

We're fans of the freedom that comes with a no-strings-attached approach, and so we stand behind it 100%. You can even ask us to work on a 10-hour task and there's no long term commitment.

Highly skilled talent

Our agents are college educated and go through a training process before they start working on any project.

Interested in a free pilot?

Contact us with your data annotation requirements and we will set up a team to wok on your free pilot project. No commitments on your side.